CB Token
CB is a proof of equity for the COINBIG platform
What is CB Tokens?
Rights for CB Holder
How To Get CB
What is CB Tokens?
CB is the proof of equity of the COINBIG transactionplatform itself and the cornerstone of community governance. We have an innovative “transaction-mining” operating mechanism.
The total supply of issued CB tokens is set to 10 billion and will never be increased.On a daily basis, COINBIG will distribute to the holders of CB tokens, 80% of the revenue acumulated from transactionfees. In addition, CB token holders share multiple rights such as election decisions and community governance.
CB Total Supply
Allocation of CB Tokens
Transaction is Mining
Private Placement
COINBIG Platform Background
COIBIG is an innovative “community of eco-autonomous digital asset trading platform” registered in New Zealand. We are the devout believers in the core ideas of bitcoin and blockchain. The core members of the team are top-level elite teams from world-renowned companies, technology finance and blockchain community operations, and also former OKcoin founders and operators. Recently, it received ten millions angel investment from Huobi Eco, as the lead investor, Crypto Vision Capital, Darkpool Group, Zhao Dong, Sun Yuze and other well-known institutions and industries. 
Sun Zeyu
Founder of Genesis
Founder of Coldlar
Peking University Fintech Innovation Lab Academic Committee
Zhao Dong
Chairman of Galaxy Dragonfly Investment Co., Ltd. 
Former Co-founder of Moji Weather 
Core Technician of The Garage Café 
Famous Early Investor of Bitcoin
Crypto Vision Capital is a fund specializing in investment in cypto digital currency. It participates in investing in dozens of blockchain projects in many countries around the world. The invested projects are EOS, IOTA, ELF, DCC, IFS, BQI, Coinbene, etc. 
Darkpool Blockchain Eco-Integrated Services was founded in 2010. The eco-service system was established by elite asset managers and senior members of blockchain from Mainland China, Hong Kong, North America, etc. The team has served more than 200 customers for seven years. In 2017, the team had been deeply involved in the blockchain and carried out the layout of the whole industry chain layout. 
Qualification of CoinBig Platform
Certificate of incorporation
NZBN: 9429046537898
This is to certify that COINBIG LIMITED was incorporated under the
Companies Act 1993 on the 9th day of January 2018.
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